Endura MEMS Oscillators Engineered for Harsh

Endura MEMS Oscillators Engineered for Harsh Environments

RFMW announces design and sales support for rugged, MEMS-based timing solutions from SiTime. SiTime EnduraTM oscillators offer industry-leading robustness and reliability with 0.004 ppb/g acceleration sensitivity, 30,000g shock, 70g vibration resistance, one billion hour MTBF, and ±500 ppb 20-year aging. 

The Endura series includes single-ended and differential XOs, TCXOs and VCXOs. Engineered for harsh environments and conforming with MIL-PRF-55310 and MIL-STD-883 specifications, Endura oscillators are ideal for high-reliability aerospace and defense applications such as munition guidance, vehicle comms/telemetry, command/control, avionics & drones, satellite GNSS and field communication systems. For example, SIT5346AICFQ-33N0A50.000000, super TCXO providing ±0.1ppm stability over a temperature range of -40 to 85 degrees C.

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