Delivering On The Promise Of 5G, Why Should You Rethink Timing?

Delivering On The Promise Of 5G, Why Should You Rethink Timing?

Read about the promise of 5G and why you should rethink timing as the next generation of communications infrastructure is deployed, in this Forbes Magazine article by Markus Lutz, CTO and Founder of SiTime, and Forbes Councils Member.

5G is poised to transform industries, society and how we communicate and live in ways we've yet to imagine. Not simply a faster 4G LTE, 5G is one of the most transformative technologies in the history of telecommunications. 5G is 10 times faster, supports 10,000 times more network traffic and can handle 100 times more devices than 4G networks while enabling one-fiftieth the latency with zero perceived downtime.

Although 5G builds on existing 4G infrastructure, 5G networks deployed at scale will require a complete redesign of communications infrastructure. Industry experts generally agree it may take a decade to completely roll out 5G networks and to realize its full value through the Internet of Things, automated driving, telemedicine, artificial intelligence and virtual and augmented reality. Leading carriers have already begun delivering 5G service in major metro areas this year. The GSMA estimates that by 2025, we may see 1.8 billion 5G connections deployed worldwide...

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