Consumer and IoT portfolio expanded with low power TCXO

Consumer and IoT portfolio expanded with low power TCXO

Electronic Specifier reports on SiTime's announcement of the SiT5008 temperature-compensated silicon MEMS oscillator (TCXO).

The SiT5008 is suited for connected consumer and IoT devices such as Internet-connected audio-video, over-the-top streaming devices, industrial smart meters, and other devices that use low power wireless connectivity.

Like other SiTime offerings, the SiT5008 offers programmable features, high reliability, and environmental resilience in a small package.

“The development of our SiT5008 is a great example of our rapid release strategy, where we develop up to 15 product derivatives from a single base platform and bring them to market quickly,” said Piyush Sevalia, Executive Vice President of Marketing of SiTime. “Each derivative has customised features and solves unique timing problems for customers. In this case, we improved the frequency stability by 10 times by optimising our algorithms and delivered the product in just two months. This accelerated development was possible because of our systems knowledge and continued investment in automation.”