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SiTime’s SiT1552 TCXO Recognized by EDN’s Hot 100 Products of 2014


Accolades Continue for SiTime’s Game-Changing 32 kHz MEMS Oscillators & TempFlat™ MEMS

SUNNYVALE, Calif. – November 20, 2014 – SiTime Corporation, a MEMS and analog semiconductor company and a wholly owned subsidiary of MegaChips Corporation (Tokyo Stock Exchange: 6875), announced today that EDN has named SiTime’s SiT1552 MEMS TCXO as one of the “100 Hot Products of 2014” in the Analog category. The 2014 EDN Hot 100 highlights the electronics industry’s most significant products of the year based on innovation, significance, usefulness, and popularity.

The TempFlat™ MEMS-based SiT1552 is the industry’s smallest, most accurate and lowest power 32 kHz TCXO (temperature compensated oscillator). The SiT1552 is 20% of the size of legacy quartz products, and its 5 PPM stability enables up to 50% longer battery life in wearables and Internet of Things (IoT).

“Of the many thousands of products announced during the past year, the EDN Hot 100 are the products that especially caught the attention of our editors and readers,” said Rich Pell, Executive and Chief Technical Editor, EDN. "This year's list leaves no doubt as to the hottest technology trends, with mobile, wearables, connectivity and IoT - along with related areas of sensing, security and low power - all heavily represented. We are pleased to share the tradition of showcasing these technologies as we celebrate the 21st anniversary of this program.”

“With its tiny footprint and ultra-low power consumption, SiTime’s SiT1552 decreases the size and increases battery life of wearable electronics and IoT; such benefits are not achievable from legacy quartz devices,” said Steve Taranovich, Senior Technical Editor at EDN. “SiTime uses its TempFlat MEMS and analog technology to attain some really excellent specifications making it a great fit for applications where ultimate accuracy, increased battery life and small size are critical. Congratulations to SiTime for this achievement.”

“SiTime’s ground-breaking MEMS timing solutions continue to shatter the limitations of quartz with higher performance, smaller size and longer battery life,” said Piyush Sevalia, Executive Vice President of Marketing at SiTime. “By offering these benefits, the SiT1552 32 kHz TCXO uniquely accelerates innovation in wearables and IoT devices. We are honored to be recognized by EDN’s Hot 100 Products that showcase the industry’s most significant products of the year.”

Compared to a quartz TCXO, the SiT1552 MEMS TCXO is:

  • 20% of the size and is available in a 1.5 x 0.8mm CSP
  • 50% lower power, typically consuming less than 1 micro-amp
  • 45% thinner, with a height of 0.55 mm
  • 10 times faster startup, with a startup time of 300 milliseconds
  • 30 times higher shock resistance
  • 15 times higher reliability, at 1,000 million hours MTBF


Key Specifications of the SiT1552 32 kHz TXCO include:

  • ±5 PPM frequency stability that enables 2 to 3 times longer battery life compared to a 180 PPM quartz resonator
  • NanoDriveTM, a programmable, low swing output that minimizes power and directly interfaces to the oscillator / RTC circuit in the downstream processor or PMIC
  • 1.5 to 3.63V operation, making it ideal for products that use a coin-cell or super-cap battery backup


The SiT15xx 32 kHz MEMS oscillator family has won many prestigious awards such as:

  • Electronic Design 2014 Top 101 Components
  • ACE Awards (EE Times & EDN) 2014 Analog IC Ultimate Product Finalist
  • China ACE Awards 2014 Finalist
  • EDN China Innovation Award 2014 Finalist - TempFlat MEMS
  • EDN Hot 100 Products of 2013
  • EE Times Top 12 MEMS Chips in 2013


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SiTime Corporation, a MEMS and analog semiconductor company and a wholly owned subsidiary of MegaChips Corporation (Tokyo Stock Exchange: 6875), offers MEMS-based silicon timing solutions that replace legacy quartz products. With 80% market share and about 250 million devices shipped, SiTime is driving the electronics industry to use 100% silicon-based timing.

SiTime’s configurable solutions enable customers to differentiate their products with higher performance, reduced size and better reliability. The rich feature set and flexibility of SiTime’s solutions allow customers to consolidate their supply-chain, reducing cost of ownership and time to market. By using standard semiconductor processes and high volume packaging, SiTime offers the best availability and shortest lead times in the industry.

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Piyush Sevalia
Executive Vice President, Marketing
SiTime Corporation


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