Product Spotlight: SiTime Complete and Differentiated Clock Portfolio Now Available
Posted By: Deepak Tripathi
Clock packages on a wafer

For datacenter, AI and networking applications to function properly, you’ve got to get the timing right. That can be a challenge as data proliferates and workloads continue to increase. For example, in the datacenter, data travels through switches, active cables and SmartNIC cards to servers and GPUs, feeding ever-increasing compute workloads. These systems must meet stringent timing requirements to move massive amounts of data efficiently through the network: A single switch chip requires multiple low-jitter clocks that are resilient against power-supply noise; an active cable requires small size, low jitter and low power oscillators; a SmartNIC requires both ultra-stable oscillators and clocks that are resilient to temperature variations for optimized synchronization performance.

To meet these needs, SiTime has recently added a complete and differentiated line up of clock products to round out our extensive oscillator portfolio—a one-stop shop for precision timing. Our expanded clock product line includes 23 new additions this year: three jitter cleaners, two network synchronizers, two clock generators, six high-performance buffers, seven PCI Express (PCIe) buffers and three automotive buffers. You can look forward to more clock products arriving throughout 2024. These products alongside SiTime’s leading oscillators comprise a complete portfolio of precision timing solutions to elevate performance benchmarks and streamline electronic system designs.

Multiple SiTime clocks and oscillators are used throughout the cloud and datacenter

Multiple SiTime clocks and oscillators are used throughout the cloud and datacenter.


“The proliferation of data and semiconductor design complexity will continue to increase,” said Piyush Sevalia, executive vice president of marketing at SiTime. “To move information faster, in smaller footprints and for lower system power, precision timing will be critical to ensure optimal operation at every node, from GPUs and CPUs to interconnects and switches. SiTime is a trusted partner for leaders in AI hardware, minimizing risk and ensuring smooth integration for sustained system performance.”

SiTime's recently added jitter cleaners/network synchronizers, clock generators and clock buffers have been sampling since late 2023 and are now available on SiTime Direct and through our channel partners

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