Active resonators outlive quartz crystals

Active resonators outlive quartz crystals

EDN reports on how XCalibur active MEMS resonators from SiTime provide 10x better reliability than quartz crystal resonators.

Covering a broad range of frequencies from 1 MHz to 137 MHz, the SiT14xx series can be used in automotive and industrial applications that demand robustness and long life in harsh environments. The 8-device family also benefits communications and networking, consumer electronics, aerospace, and defense applications.

XCalibur active resonators eliminate many of the design issues associated with quart crystal resonators, such as EMI problems, cold startup, and the need for negative resistance testing. As an active MEMS device, each resonator can drive two clock outputs. All of the parts achieve a frequency stability of ±15 ppm at 25°C. High-temperature versions achieve all-inclusive stability of ±20 ppm (-55°C to +125°C).