SiTime, Silicon MEMS Oscillators and Clock Generators

Revolutionary TempFlat™ MEMS Resonators

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SiTime's all-silicon MEMS resonators are at the core of SiTime's MEMS-based silicon oscillator and clock generator products. These extremely stable and ultra-robust resonators, based on SiTime’s groundbreaking TempFlat MEMS technology, are manufactured using standard CMOS process equipment in semiconductor fabs, using silicon on insulator (SOI) wafers. The resonators are vacuum-sealed in silicon and can be packaged in cost-effective plastic packages. More on how SiTime's resonators are manufactured.

SiTime offers both kHz and MHz frequency resonators. With sub-uA power consumption, kHz frequency resonators are typically used for time-keeping applications (e.g. real time clocks) and power management (e.g. sleep, wake-up functions). MHz resonators are used as references in various serial and parallel protocols where data transfer speed is critical. Both resonator types have a very high Q (Quality Factor), allowing them to be used in VCXOs and TCXOs that require excellent stability and very fine frequency resolution. More on products based on MEMS resonators.


TempFlat MEMS Technology

Until recently, all MEMS-based oscillators used complex compensation circuitry to stabilize the output frequency over temperature. SiTime’s TempFlat MEMS resonator technology is a revolutionary breakthrough that reduces the need for temperature compensation. With TempFlat MEMS, oscillator frequency stability is ±50 to ±100 PPM without temperature sensors and compensation circuitry.  And in ±5 PPM TCXOs, only simple compensation circuitry is needed. In both cases, TempFlat technology simplifies the design of the analog CMOS circuits, which results in reduced system size, lower power consumption and lower cost.

SiTime’s 32 kHz families are the first generation of devices to employ TempFlat MEMS technology. Uncompensated TempFlat MEMS-based 32 kHz timing devices have frequency stability that is two times better than 32 kHz quartz crystals as shown in the graphic. Plus, SiTime’s TempFlat MEMS-based 32 KHz solutions consume much less power and board space compared to quartz-based timing devices.


Integrated Timing Functionality

SiTime's MEMS resonators are the first and only solutions that enable complete integration of timing within a semiconductor package. Because SiTime’s resonators are manufactured using the MEMS First process, they can be cost-effectively embedded with another SOC die inside a plastic package. This unique capability offers the benefits of increased system performance and reliability, simplified system design, and reduced technical support. SOC vendors who use SiTime's MEMS resonators can now provide a complete, highly-accurate embedded clocking solution without the need for any external timing components. Read more about resonator integration.