SiTime, Silicon MEMS Oscillators and Clock Generators

Application Notes and Papers

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Category Technology Paper
MEMS Technology SiTime's MEMS First™ Process japanese SiTime Oscillators & Resonators
Resilience / Reliability Resilience and Reliability of Silicon MEMS Oscillators japanese SiTime Oscillators
Reliability Calculations for SiTime Oscillators japanese
Shock and Vibration Comparison of MEMS and Quartz-based Oscillators japanese
Electromagnetic Susceptibility Comparison of MEMS and Quartz-based Oscillators japanese


Category Application Note Title Products
Layout Techniques Best Design and Layout Practices japanese SiTime Oscillators & Clock Generators
Clock Measurement Clock Jitter Definitions and Measurement Methods japanese
SiTime Oscillators & Clock Generators
Frequency Measurement Guidelines for Oscillators japanese
Probing Oscillator Output japanese
32 kHz Solutions
Optimized SiT15xx Drive Settings for 32 kHz Inputs of Low Power MCUs japanese  SiT15xx
Driving Multiple Loads with 32 kHz Nano-Power MEMS Oscillators japanese
SiT1532 32 kHz Oscillator Frequency Stability japanese
Measurement Guidelines for 32kHz SiT15xx Oscillators japanese
EMI Reduction SiTime Spread Spectrum Clock Oscillators japanese SiT9001, SiT9002, SiT9003
Rise and Fall Time Selection for SiT8103, SiT8003, and SiT9003 japanese
Termination Techniques Differential Output Terminations LVPECL, HCSL, LVDS, and CML for SiT9120/1/2 and SiT3821/2 japanese
SiT9120/1/2, SiT3821/2
Differential Output Terminations LVPECL, HCSL, LVDS, and CML for SiT9102/7 and SiT9002 Devices japanese SiT9102/7, SiT9002
Termination Recommendations for Single-ended Oscillator Driving Single or Multiple Loads japanese SiT8208/9, SiT1602, SiT8008/9, SiT1618,  SiT89xx, SiT20xx, SiT9201, SiT3807/8/9, SiT5000/1/2, SiT9001/3, SiT3907
Serial I/O Applications
Jitter Budget for 10GbE with SiT9120/1 japanese SiT9120/1
SiT9102 Jitter Performance for PCIExpress Applications japanese SiT9102
VCXO Definitions of VCXO Specifications japanese SiT3807/8/9, SiT3821/2
VCXO Parameter Trade-offs for PLL Design japanese
TCXO/VCTCXO TCXO Frequency Stability and Frequency Accuracy Budget japanese SiT50xx
DCXO Designing with the SiT39xx Family of DCXOs (Digitally Controlled Oscillators) japanese SiT3921/1


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