SiT1252 Embedded MEMS Resonator for Real Time Clocking

SiTime is the only company to provide silicon-timing solutions that can be integrated into an ASIC/SoC at the die level. SiTime MEMS resonators are available in die form, which can be cost-effectively embedded with other die inside a plastic semiconductor package. The resonator is vacuum sealed with SiTime's EpiSeal™ process at the wafer level to provide an ultra-clean, hermetic environment which enables high quality, stability, and reliability over the lifetime of the resonator. Integrating a MEMS resonator eliminates the need for an external RTC clock reference and offers customers integrated timing functionality that reduces support costs and increases time to market. The SiT1252 is SiTime’s 2nd generation 524 kHz resonator. Improvements include resistance to mechanical stressors such as overmold and underfill. The SiT1252 utilizes SiTime’s TempFlat™ technology that results in a MEMS resonator with ±100 ppm frequency stability over the -40°C to 85°C temperature range. Other features include a low sustaining amplifier power and extremely small die size.


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