Internet of Things

A small part from SiTime runs a big part of your world

The IoT revolution means that everything from refrigerators to vending machines, medical systems to tractors, will rely on semiconductors to operate and connect. Our cutting-edge timing technology empowers us to be at the center of this incredible future.

If timing fails…

  • Your portable medical device may not send information to your doctor
  • The street lights will not turn on as soon as it gets dark
  • You won't be able to control your home's security system, lights, garage door, or anything that runs on your smartphone

Experts estimate that IoT will consist of about 18 billion "things" by 2022, and we plan to be the heartbeat of those things.

Smallest PCB area
1.2 mm2 CSP
Drives multiple loads
Longest battery life
Ultra-low power: 900 nA
Minimizes BLE ON time with 3 ppm stability
LTE-DRX compliant, ensures connectivity
Maintains stability in 10°C/s temp ramp


Remote Sensing

1 Hz to 2 MHz frequency, Smallest footprint

Featured Parts: SiT1569, SiT1576, SiT1532
Long-Range Communications

Best performance under harsh conditions

Featured Parts: SiT5356, SiT9120, SiT8008
Machine to Machine

3 ppm stability, Smallest footprint

Featured Parts: SiT8021, SiT1566, SiT1572
Asset Tracking

Highest accuracy, Smallest footprint

Featured Parts: SiT1532, SiT1552, SiT8021
Indoor Positioning

Best stability, Best phase accuracy

Featured Parts: SiT5356, SiT5357, SiT8008
Smart Farming

Smallest footprint, Highest accuracy

Featured Parts: SiT5356, SiT5156, SiT1552
Smart City

Smallest footprint, Highest accuracy

Featured Parts: SiT5356, SiT5156, SiT1552

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