ApexMEMS MHz Resonators, 0.18 mm2


The SiT11XX family of ApexMEMS™ resonators is available in a variety of popular MHz frequencies for high-volume, space-critical applications. This family is based on SiTime third-generation ApexMEMS resonator technology that produces an extremely stable reference, as good as ±20 ppm over temperature.

With a tiny 0.18 mm2 footprint, SiT11XX resonators are 85% smaller than traditional 1210 resonators, providing the industry’s smallest timing solution. Plus, with integrated load capacitors in ApexMEMS resonators, the board space is further reduced, design and routing is simplified, capacitor matching issues are eliminated, and system performance is improved.  

ApexMEMS resonators are extremely robust and resilient. Through the combination of a high Q factor, an ultra-small mass, a proprietary structural design, and the inherent strength of silicon, these resonators improve system reliability and increase immunity to environmental effects such as vibration and shock.

SiT11XX devices are available as standalone resonators in 4-pin CSP as small as 0.42 x 0.42 mm2, or in silicon die form for integration into standard IC packages or modules. By replacing traditional quartz crystal resonators, the SiT11XX family reduces system size and component count, and increases system reliability, resilience and performance.

MHz MEMS resonator
"Specs" "Value"
Frequency Contact SiTime
Frequency Stability (ppm) As good as ±20
Operating Temperature Range (°C) Up to -40 to +125
Package Type (mm²) 0.42 x 0.42, 0.48 x 0.48, CSP (chip-scale package) or KGD (known good die)
Features Integrated load capacitors
Availability Sampling
  • Wearables
  • Connectivity modules (e.g. WiFi, BLE)
  • IoT sensor interfaces
  • Smartphone
  • Smart watches
  • Smart glasses
  • Mobile accessories
  • USB
  • Hearables
  • Asset tracking
  • Microcontrollers

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