Specs Value
Device Type Ruggedized MHz Super-TCXOs
10 MHz
Frequency Stability (ppm)
Operating Temp. Range (°C)
-40 to 105
Supply Voltage (V)
Package Size (mm x mm)
Output Drive Strength*
Clipped Sinewave
Feature Pin
Pull Range (PPM PR)
Special Features
Low Sensitivity, 0.1 ppb/g

*See datasheet for details

Exceptional dynamic stability under airflow, fast temp. ramp

  • ±10 ppb over-temp. stability from -40°C to 105°C 
  • ±0.5 ppb/°C frequency slope (dF/dT), 10°C/min ramp, ensures performance under fast temp. transients
  • ±150 ppb 20-year aging, 16x better than quartz, eliminates in-factory calibration required with less stable devices
  • 1.5e-11 ADEV at 10 second averaging time

2x smaller and up to 10x lower power than comparable OCXOs

  • 110 mW typical power consumption (2.5V)
  • Robust 7.0 mm x 5.0 mm ceramic package, insensitive to board bending stress, reducing PCB layout constraints
  • Ideal for replacing larger power-hungry quartz OCXOs 

Better acceleration sensitivity and 20x better phase noise under vibration

  • 0.01 ppb/g g-sensitivity, per IAW MIL-PRF-55310 section
  • Minimizes packet loss in high-vibration environments

No activity dips or microjumps

  • Eliminates any need for costly screening or burn-in tests

0.2 ps/mV power supply noise rejection (PSNR)

  • Reduces BOM by eliminating a dedicated LDO for TCXO

LVCMOS or clipped sinewave output

  • Optimize for best balance between EMI and jitter

Programmable features

  • Any frequency between 1 to 60 MHz
  • 2.25 to 3.63 V
  • Wide pull range

Digital frequency tuning through I2C

  • Digital control eliminates frequency shift caused by board noise
  • No frequency-pull non-linearity, improves dynamic performance in closed-loop applications
  • 5 ppt resolution minimizes time error in synch applications
  • ±6.25 to ±3200 ppm range provides designers flexibility and optimal system performance

Superior reliability

  • 2 billion hours MTBF
  • 20x higher shock survivability
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Reduces field failures due to clock components and associated trouble shooting and repair costs
  • Ruggedized Applications
  • Defense & Aerospace
  • Networking & Communication Systems
  • Long-range Communications
  • LEO SatCom
  • Airborne Communications
  • Field Communications
  • Manpack Radios
  • GPS / GNSS Modules
  • Vehicle Communications

Frequency Slope (dF/dT) Calculator – Calculate frequency slope over temperature

Time Error Simulation Software – Simulate and analyze the impact of the local oscillator

TimeMaster Configuration Software – Configure and evaluate oscillators via I2C/SP

Reliability Calculator – Get FIT/MTBF data for various operating conditions

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  • SiT5541AECWT-33N0A10.000000F
  • SiT5541AECWT-33N0A10.000000G
  • SiT5541AECWT-33N0A10.000000S