Specs Value
Device Type 1 Hz to 262.14 kHz Automotive Oscillators
32.768 kHz
Frequency Stability (ppm)
Operating Temp. Range (°C)
-40 to 105
Supply Voltage (V)
1.35-1.98V (any voltage)
Package Size (mm x mm)
Output Drive Strength*
Feature Pin
NF (no function)
DC-Coupled Output VOH
Rail-to-Rail LVCMOS

*See datasheet for details

Factory programmable down to 1 Hz

  • Significantly reduces power compared to fixed 32.768 kHz XTALs

Ultra-low Power: 490 nA (typ.)

  • Extends battery life

Operates down to 1.14 V

  • Supports coin-cell or supercap battery backup

Reduced Swing technology

  • Programmable output swing down to 0.6 V minimizes power

Small footprint: 1.2 x 1.1 mm

  • Saves board space compared to the 2012 SMD XTALs

Drives multiple loads up to 100 pf

  • One SiT1811 can replace multiple quartz XTALs

No load or VDD filtering capacitors

  • Eliminates any external capacitors, further reducing board space
  • Eliminates load-dependent startup issues

±50 ppm frequency stability over -40 °C to +105 °C temp. range

  • Better stability compared to quartz XTALs
  • Improves wireless connectivity and RTC accuracy
    • ADAS ECU
    • Infotainment
    • Smart Mirrors
    • Industrial Applications

    Time Machine II Programmer – Program frequency, voltage, and stability - coming soon

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    • SiT1881AE-L4-DCC-XX0-32.768Y
    • SiT1881AE-L4-DCC-XX0-32.768T
    • SiT1881AE-L4-DCC-XX0-32.768D
    • SiT1881AE-L4-DCC-XX0-32.768E
    • SiT1881AE-L4-DCC-XX0-32.768X
    • SiT1881AE-L4-DCC-XX0-32.768N
    • SiT1881AE-L4-DCC-XX0-32.768F
    • SiT1881AE-L4-DCC-XX0-32.768G
    • SiT1881AE-L4-DCC-XX0-32.768S