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Acal BFi signs pan-European agreement with the world’s leading MEMS-timing product supplier, SiTime

(Wokingham, UK) Acal BFi, a European leader of advanced technology solutions, today added a broad range of high performance, robust and miniature MEMS timing components to its portfolio of frequency control products with the signing of a franchise agreement with SiTime.

The new agreement, effective immediately, means that Acal BFi can offer SiTime’s unrivaled MEMS-based silicon timing solutions to its European customer base.

SiTime joins Acal BFi’s product line-up as the world’s leading manufacturer of MEMS-based timing devices. The silicon MEMS technology in SiTime’s oscillators makes them highly reliable, immune to noise and resistant to shock and vibration, attributes that conventional quartz-based timing components typically do not offer.

OEM customers of Acal BFi can use SiTime’s timing products to achieve improved frequency stability and lower aging, which provides tighter accuracy and enhanced long-term performance, offering customers in the automotive, industrial, telecom and communications market a higher performance and more robust timing solution.

Due to SiTime’s miniature MEMs packaging, their products are also increasingly being designed-in to new applications such as wearable devices and IoT, which require a combination of miniature package size, low frequency and a low-power timing source.

By using SiTime’s MEMS-based silicon timing solutions, Acal BFi’s customers can draw on expert advice and design-in support from their pan-European team of sales engineers and timing technology specialists, who already support an extensive range of quartz-based frequency control products.

“SiTime’s MEMS technology is revolutionising the market for timing products, and is increasingly being considered as the essential choice for new designs and applications. SiTime provides a very valuable extension to Acal BFI’s frequency control portfolio, complementing the excellent range of conventional timing products that we already supply,” said Lee Austin, Business Development Director for frequency control products at Acal BFi.

“We are delighted to sign Acal BFi as a franchised partner for SiTime’s ground-breaking silicon-based MEMS timing technology. By choosing Acal BFi we are very confident that customers will appreciate the expert engineering support and guidance which is an integral part of Acal BFi’s service, particularly when using this revolutionary technology for the first time,” said Mark Lunsford, Executive Vice-President of Sales at SiTime.

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