SiTime is North America's Fastest Growing Semiconductor Co.
Posted By: Aaron Partridge

It has been a while since I wrote a blog entry, so I have quite a backlog of things to tell you. First is the news – Deloitte has named SiTime the fastest growing semiconductor company in North America.  We placed #1 in their Fast 500TM rankings for semiconductor companies.

We can dissect what this means in many ways, but I want to look today at what timing is in the semiconductor industry. The semiconductor field is often segmented into digital, analog, and radio. Precision timing has not usually been included in semiconductors but rather was thought of, and rightly so, as a non-semiconductor component. This was right because the quartz companies that dominated in timing were definitely not semiconductor companies. They worked differently, thought differently, and sold their parts differently. Now SiTime is “siliconizing” the timing industry, and as we do that we are creating a new segment in the semiconductor space.

The key is in the verb “to siliconize”. When silicon replaced film in cameras it changed an industry, but it also changed how we use cameras. We began taking more pictures. Our photos improved in quality, our cameras became smaller and more convenient, we no longer had to pay for expensive printing, and we began posting and emailing photos to friends. We siliconized cameras and now we get higher quality, save money, and take more pics. Same thing is happening in timing. We are specifying better quality oscillators, saving money, and using more oscillators. This is all reflected in the timing industry’s numbers: specifications are tightening, prices are falling, and volumes are rising.


Feb 11, 2022

Jan 11, 2022