Reworked Website
Posted By: Aaron Partridge

On your way to this page you may have noticed that we reworked our website. We updated its look and feel to be application focused rather than product focused, but more importantly we added tools to help you select and sample the right oscillators to fit your applications.

Some of our customers are experts in timing and oscillators, however most are experts in other domains but still need to select an oscillator. We have developed our new website to make this easier and more productive. We are focused on getting you direct answers to questions like: Why is one oscillator better suited to a specific application than another? Which package size is best? What control pin option is best? Why select this one instead of that one?

We have included selection guides, application notes our questions answered, then give us a call, our phone number is at the bottom of every page. If you want to talk with someone local to your company then navigate to our rep and distributor lists, we have coverage across America, Japan, Asia, and Europe.

At SiTime we are in the business of changing the timing industry.That means getting you products that you could never get before, and delivering samples and production volumes faster than the legacy suppliers could imagine. It also means making your selection and prototyping process easier. We are delivering more – more performance, more options, more selection, and now more easily.

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Oct 18, 2022

Feb 11, 2022