A Quantum Leap from SiTime
Posted By: Aaron Partridge

Occasionally a company makes a shift from one capability to a higher capability where that shift seems unexplainable to an outside viewer. The company does what people had thought it would not or could not do. These are often called quantum leaps because a viewer sees the company starting in one place and appearing at another without any visible intermediate steps.This can happen with particles under quantum physics, hence the name.

SiTime has just made such a quantum leap. We are now sampling 0.5 ppm TCXOs and we seem to have leaped from 10 ppm and skipped years of intermediate steps at 5 ppm, 2.5 ppm 2.0 ppm, and 1 ppm. How is this possible? It took quartz decades to step through these grades. What is behind this quantum leap?

Well, the answer is not a secret. It is the same as I have been writing and speaking about for years. It is simply that SiTime is an IC company, acts like an IC company, works like an IC company, and thinks like an IC company.That means we live under Moore’s law. Generation over generation we deliver more capability, more precision, and more value.

Yesterday I read an article in an electronics trade magazine in which a quartz oscillator exec was quoted as saying, “The rapid development of MEMS oscillators is also the choice of all new volume applications where a mere clock facility is required and the oscillator is fabricated into the silicon.” I’m happy enough with the first clause – we are the choice of all new volume applications.But the second clause – that MEMS in only suitable to supply a mere clock facility – is not right. SiTime now has high precision and also low jitter oscillators that are well beyond mere clocks.

SiTime has just made one of those rare quantum leaps.  We have appeared where we were not expected.


Oct 18, 2022

Feb 11, 2022