Our Responsibility to Humanity
Posted By: Aaron Partridge

I recently gave a talk at the Yole MEMS CTO Meeting. This was an invitational gathering of about sixty MEMS CTOs and equivalents to discuss our profession. The meeting was organized by Jeff Perkins of Yole and Alissa Fitzgerald of Fitzgerald Associates. I chose to talk about the CTO job function, and we scheduled my talk to be the opening presentation in order to set the tone for the meeting.

In the meeting I described what MEMS CTOs do, what sets us apart from other technical specialists, about our responsibilities to our companies, about our responsibilities in general, and particularly about our responsibilities to Humanity.I don’t think many of you are MEMS CTOs, so I will skip the technological and job function parts. The important part is our responsibility to Humanity.

When all is considered, that is our most important job.  It is okay to work for money (we need money to get by).  It is good to work for enjoyment (we should definitely enjoy what we do).  But it is vital that we work toward the betterment of Humanity.  I use that term rather than others, for instance ‘making the world a better place’, because Humanity denotes both the small and the large, in contrast to talking about the world as a whole which can seem overwhelming.  We can do our jobs, however small or large, and still contribute to Humanity.

Engineers and technologists do make a contribution. For instance in the MEMS field we build accelerometers and gyroscopes that detect automotive impacts and impending spins to deploy airbags and stabilize braking. These sensors have saved at least 100,000 lives in the last decade. This is a contribution to Humanity. A doctor that prescribes a life saving drug sees his or her contribution to Humanity directly, but the engineer that helps design the equipment that makes that drug has a less tangible but vital contribution.

How does this apply to SiTime? We make millions of precision timing chips each month that are built into a wide range of products.Each of these products contribute; some more and some less. Integrated over the whole, these products are tremendously important. They spread joy, they improve communications, they save energy, and some indirectly save lives. Millions of times a month SiTime contributes to Humanity.

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Feb 11, 2022

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