A New Way for Humanity to Keep Time
Posted By: Aaron Partridge

Today SiTime is introducing the World’s first 32kHz MEMS timing devices. This is a huge deal, and it will forever change the way people measure time.

Inside almost every electronic product there is a clock tracking the time of day. There is one in your watch of course, but also in your cell phone, computer, tablet, microwave oven, Wi-Fi router, printer, car, and just about everything else.

Most of these clocks are presently based on 32kHz quartz crystal resonators. These were first introduced in the 1970’s and have proliferated, with about ten billion units being built each year. Yes, that is billion with a B, and it is more than one for each person on earth, every year. Of course most of you reading this blog buy more than one a year.

Now MEMS will replace these crystals. MEMS can keep time better, with smaller size, more reliably, and with less power. Compared to the legacy quartz crystals, SiTime’s 32kHz MEMS oscillators:

  • Take a sixth of the PCB area
  • Use half the power
  • Are fifteen times more reliable
  • Are twice as accurate

We have been sampling these devices for a while. Customer interest is tremendous, and we expect that these parts will drive SiTime’s fastest production ramp ever.

So here it is … Day #1 of a new way for Humanity to keep time.


Oct 18, 2022

Feb 11, 2022