MEMS-Based Oscillators Have Become Ubiquitous
Posted By: Aaron Partridge

Two thousand and nine was the year MEMS-based semiconductor oscillators became ubiquitous.  SiTime has shipped oscillators since 2007, but in 2009 we saw significantly larger volumes and wider applications.  Our sales increased quarter over quarter and our customer base steadily expanded. 

But something else, something unexpected for me, happened last year.  We developed a large enough application range that I could no longer say where our oscillators were going.  While I’m sure our company databases have the information, it is more than a single person can follow. I know we have millions of parts in flat panel televisions, I know we have parts in laptop PCs, and in networking equipment, cameras, phones, printers, set-top boxes, disk drives, and many other applications.  But some of our customers are expanding their usage without cross-checking with us.  Our parts are simply working for them and they are building them into additional products.  One of our customers is ordering millions of parts for consumer applications.

I don’t know exactly for what, but they are happy with our parts, our delivery, and our quality.  I know this because they told us so, and they are steadily increasing their order rates. That is what happened in 2009 – SiTime’s MEMS-based semiconductor oscillators began to significantly replace the legacy technology across a wide range of products.  It is likely as you read this post that you have used our oscillators.  Perhaps in your computer showing this text, the servers that sent the data, the network equipment that carried the data, the destination monitors in the airport through which you last flew, the phone on your desk.  Who knows, but millions of our parts are running in products around the world, and you may already be using them.

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Feb 11, 2022

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