Honors continue for TempFlat MEMS SiT15xx products
Posted By: Robin Ash

Since introduction, SiTime’s TempFlat MEMS-based 32 kHz SiT15xx oscillators and TCXOs have been revolutionizing the world of electronic timing. And the industry has taken notice.

Why the attention? With an ultra-small footprint and power saving features, the SiT15xx families have received recognition for their innovative design, and capability to cut space by up to 80% and power by 50%. These dramatic improvements have enabled our customers to design novel products with much longer battery life in smaller, more attractive form factors. In addition to enthusiastic customer adoption in wearables, IoT and other battery-powered markets, our SiT15xx oscillators have received several industry honors.

Most recently, the SiT1552 TCXO family was announced as a finalist in the 2015 ECN IMPACT Awards within the Analog & Mixed Signal IC category. The IMPACT Awards recognize excellence and innovation in the design of electronics. This accolade follows the esteemed ACE Awards, held last fall by EDN and EE Times publications, where the SIT15xx oscillator family was on a very short list of finalists in the Analog IC Ultimate Product category. The SiT15xx was also a finalist in EDN China's 2014 Innovation Awards as well as the China ACE Awards.

We are honored because placement in these awards programs is determined by large-scale peer review and/or voting by the publication’s readers who are our customers and peers. On top of this, we are especially honored to win a spot in the analog categories where our products compete against those of the largest analog IC companies. This is a testament to SiTime’s transformation of oscillators from passive components to configurable, feature-rich timing solutions built on a combination of groundbreaking MEMS and analog technologies.

In addition to these prominent awards, our 32 kHz SiT15xx families were named on top technology and product lists. The SiT1552 TCXO was included on EDN''s latest Hot 100 list, an annual list that recognizes technology products that push the envelope in areas like mobile devices, wearable technology, the Internet of Things (IOT), and connectivity. In Electronic Design’s Top 101 Components list, the SiT15xx oscillator was near the top of the list along with Telit’s Jupiter SE880 receiver where together our two products enable the world’s smallest and lowest power GPS receiver.

We are proud of the recognition that our products have received from these prestigious industry publications. As well, we are proud of the talented, creative and passionate SiTime employees that made these achievements possible. And although we are very excited about these accolades, we are more excited about helping to enable the next wave of cutting-edge electronic products. We believe these honors are a result of our devotion to developing breakthrough products that allow others to innovate in their own respective fields.


Feb 11, 2022

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