EE Times Says to Watch SiTime
Posted By: Aaron Partridge

EE Times just published a list with SiTime as one of ten companies to watch in 2013. They chose just ten from the areas of “Processors, memory, manufacturing processes, chip architecture, EDA, MEMS, RF, touch screens, servers and the Internet of Things.”

I am very happy with this! For over 30 years, EE Times has been a premier publication for the electronics industry; the place to go for news, analysis and well considered opinion. As a young engineer I used to carry my copy of EE Times constantly. In those days it was published as a broadsheet. It is now published on the web and their writers and editors are still completely up to speed. Wikipedia calls them the “newspaper of record for design and development engineers and technical managers.”

So having EE Times recognize SiTime is a big deal. It is something like an EE-Grammy award!


Feb 11, 2022

Jan 11, 2022