Build a Great Company to Build Great Products
Posted By: Aaron Partridge

In order to build great products one must build a great company. The reason is simple, products do not stand on their own but rather are only valuable in the context of their supplier.

For instance, in the airline industry the products are flights from point A to point B. The context is safety, on-time arrival, availability, and customer service. Unfortunately, many airlines don’t practice all of those. This video is light and fun, but its message is dead serious for airline execs. Harvard Business Review published this study on it.

In the semiconductor industry the context is quality, delivery, price, and support. Customers need chips with great specs, but they also require high reliability, on time delivery, and a compelling price. And if there is a problem, customers need it fixed. At SiTime we make great products, with functions and specifications that are valued by our customers. But just as important, we build them with exceptional quality, deliver them on time, supply them at the industry's best prices, and fix any potential issues immediately and completely.

Building a great company sounds like a business-school mantra, and it is. Seems intuitive or even obvious, and it is. But it is difficult to get right. In fact, while it is difficult to build great products, it is even more difficult to build a great company. One strives to give customers the best possible experience. But if even a single part of the whole is missing or poorly done then that experience is not a great one.

Today I read an article that called SiTime “the leader in MEMS oscillators”. Not just the technology leader, or quality leader, or volume leader, or price leader, but the leader. That means leading in everything – technology, quality, production, delivery, distribution, price, support, and every other detail that matters to customers.

Striving to do all these things is one of the ways we are building a great company, and we feel it is critical to delivering great products.


Oct 18, 2022

Feb 11, 2022