Another Great Month at SiTime
Posted By: Aaron Partridge

May was another great month at SiTime.  We shipped our 20 millionth oscillator, our customer base grew, our production volume grew, and the number of end-user products with our parts grew.  Every quarter for the last year and half has been bigger than the quarter before.  In the middle of May, just half way through Q2, we surpassed our Q1.  We are also seeing strong design wins and pre-production orders, so we feel good about the rest of the year. What is behind our growth?  First, we have a happy, loyal, and growing customer base. 

Our existing customers are using our parts in more of their product lines while new customers are designing our parts in.  Second, we have an extensive product portfolio.  We have clock generators for multi-frequency generation, differential oscillators for high speed digital systems, low power oscillators for handheld applications, spread spectrum oscillators for reduced EMI, and various other specialized product.   And of course we have general purpose oscillators too; our new SiT8103 is a great oscillator for general functions, with low jitter, moderate power, and a wide frequency range.

Third, the quartz industry is doing themselves no favors.  One of our large customers, one of the world’s largest buyers of quartz oscillators, is seeing a twelve week lead time for quartz.  Can you imagine that? It takes months to get quartz oscillators, but only weeks to get SiTime’s semiconductor-based MEMS oscillators.  Why the difference?  Because we rely on standard semiconductor production processes, not specialized hand-built processes.  We are ramping our production quantities but that is not causing delays because the semiconductor industry knows how to ramp.  Does it all the time.


Oct 18, 2022

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