1 to 110 MHz, Low Power Spread-spectrum Oscillator


The SiT9003 is the industry's lowest power programmable spread spectrum oscillator with a LVCMOS/LVTTL compatible output. It is a single-chip solution that replaces a spread spectrum IC and an external crystal.

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Industry standard packages for EMI reduction and drop-in replacement of quartz oscillators without any board changes
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Recommendations Not recommended for new designs
Replacement Part SiT9005

Flexible spread options supporting up to 12 dB EMI reduction

  • Center spread percentage: ±0.25% and ±0.5% 
  • Down spread percentage: -0.5% and -1.0%: Up to 12dB EMI reduction

Best cycle-to-cycle jitter of < 30 ps

  • Minimizes impact to system timing budget;

Lowest power consumption of any programmable oscillator

  • 3.5 mA typical power consumption
  • 1.2 µA typical standby current:
  • Extends battery life
  • Reserves more power budget for system designers

3 ms typical resume time

  • Enables system to go in and out of standby mode quickly, conserving battery power

Extensive programmability

  • Any frequency between 1 to 110 MHz with 5 decimal place accuracy
  • Supply voltage of 1.8 V, 2.5 V, 2.8 V and 3.3 V
  • Frequency stability from ±50 ppm to ±100 ppm
  • Adjustable rise/fall time:
  • Provide designers the opportunity to use the same base product for many designs
  • Customize specification for optimal system performance
  • Configurable slew rate, enabling additional EMI control
  • Re-use of the same base product for many designs

Four Industry-standard packages

  • 100% drop-in replacement of crystal oscillators

  • Enables EMI reduction without board redesign, metal housing or other expensive EMI reduction methods

Ultra-fast lead time (4 to 6 weeks)

  • Reduce inventory overhead
  • Mitigate shortage risks


  • Surveillance Cameras
  • IP Cameras
  • Automotive ADAS Cameras
  • Industrial Motors
  • Flat Panels
  • Multi-function Printers
  • PCIe
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