Software and Models

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IBIS Models

Use our I/O buffer specification (IBIS) models to perform board-level simulations for timing analyses and prediction of signal integrity problems or power integrity issues in the transmission lines.

3D Step Models

Download our 3D models in STEP file format to use in your CAD system for previewing and analyzing the package in three-dimensions, making your design and development faster and easier.

Time Machine Software

This software is designed to work with the Time Machine II programmer kit, which enables easy configuration of SiTime’s field programmable oscillators for customized sample devices and fast prototyping.

Cascade SiT9514X Software

Cascade clock generators, jitter cleaners, and network synchronizers are highly flexible clocks that can be configured in-system via 12C or SPI interfaces using the Cascade TimeMaster™ software.

TimeMaster Device Configuration Software

Several SiTime oscillators can be frequency re-programmed or tuned via I2C or SPI interfaces. The TimeMaster™ software, designed to work with a demo board, enables quick and easy evaluation of these features.

Time Error Simulator Software

This software (x32 version) simulates how much wander is generated by instabilities of the local oscillator, enabling quick and convenient analysis of oscillator performance on applications such as IEEE 1588 and SyncE.