Timing is everywhere

Timing transforms our world

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The transformation of timing

Since the dawn of civilization, humans have understood the importance of time. Timing creates opportunities and advantages that can determine success … or failure.

Today, we depend on accurate timing in all corners of our daily lives. Discover how the timing industry is undergoing a transformation and why the siliconization of timing will redefine the limits of what is possible for decades to come.




Communications & Enterprise
Your systems experience shock, vibration, extreme temperature, and airflow. Our solutions handle all these dynamic conditions with ease.
You need timing solutions that operate reliably under the hood, on the road, and over the long run. Ours do.
You need configurable timing devices that can take shock, vibration, and extreme temperatures—with short lead times. We’re the ones who deliver.
Mobile & IoT
Our timing solutions can go where space is tight, battery power is key, rugged conditions are expected, and connectivity is critical.
Smaller size. High volume. Shorter lead times. Reliable, semiconductor supply chain. We have it all.
Aerospace & Defense
Ultra-rugged MEMS timing engineered for the world's toughest applications that experience shock, vibration, extreme temperature, and airflow.
Why is MEMS technology disrupting the timing industry?

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We are a team of passionate and persistent innovators who are transforming the timing industry with revolutionary technologies. Together, we solve the most difficult timing challenges to enable 5G, infrastructure, mobile, IoT, industrial, aerospace-defense, and automotive products of the future.