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Epoch Platform – reimagining the holdover OCXO for 2x better service continuity

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Indispensable for Automotive

Enabling higher safety with precision timing for in-car connectivity

The side mirror camera of the car, which helps to see blind spots

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Delivering 100x higher reliability for data networks

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Indispensable for Electronics

SiTime Precision Timing delivers Innovation

heartbeat with timing chip on wafer

SiTime shrinks a chip for 5G and defense work with new tech

Special Article Feature on Reuters

Today’s Products. Tomorrow’s Solutions.

Timing plays a crucial role in every aspect of our lives.  Just as our brain and heart are interdependent, so are the processor and timing components in electronics. As we push the boundaries of technology, SiTime MEMS precision timing is improving system design and performance, delivering the next generation of electronics.

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SiTime Continues To Disrupt Timing Industry With New High-Precision Epoch Platform

Featured article by Marco Chiappetta at Forbes Magazine.

In the news
Featured Article

SiTime shrinks a chip for 5G and defense work with new tech

Special coverage by Reuters.
SiTime makes what are known as timing devices, one of the oldest and most ubiquitous parts of...

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Press Release

SiTime Transforms Precision Timing with New Epoch Platform

Opening a $2 billion market in the next decade and setting a new bar with unmatched performance and reliability

“The Alveo X3 series brings low latency and adaptive computing onto a single platform to give our customers a competitive advantage for today and tomorrow. In this system, we used the SiTime SiT95145 Cascade clock system on a chip to supply all critical clocks. This precision timing device replaced multiple oscillators and resonators, simplified our clock tree design, and helped us save verification time, accelerating our time to market.”

"Garmin makes products that are engineered on the inside for life on the outside. Our innovation focuses on developing technologies that enable our customers to enrich their experiences as they pursue their passions. SiTime's MEMS timing solutions help extend battery life across several of our product lines."

"Cadence has demanding technical requirements for the components we use. The precision of SiTime's timing solution and its capacity to support the rapid production ramp for our Palladium and Protium platforms made adopting it an easy decision. After this experience, we look forward to continuing our work with SiTime to address the timing needs of our hardware platforms."

"Our proprietary 3G-to-4G bridge solution requires very stable timing over its operating life. SiTime provides the right timing performance required by our solutions."

"SiTime's timing solutions are a good match for our Square Terminal and Register products because they help us to deliver an accurate, reliable product to our customers."

Global Semiconductor Association (GSA)
Best Financially Managed Semiconductor Company Award 2022
Embedded Computing Design
Best in Show at embedded world 2021

SiT9501 Differential MEMS Oscillator

Military & Aerospace Electronics
Technology Innovators Awards 2021

Ruggedized Endura MEMS Oscillators

SiTime is transforming the world of timing.