SiTime, Silicon MEMS Oscillators and Clock Generators

Technology Overview

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SiTime has developed man-decades of core technical expertise in MEMS (Micro-electro-mechanical systems) technology, analog CMOS circuit design and development, and cost-effective assembly and test. The combination of this expertise, all of which is in-house at SiTime, is unique in the timing industry and is driving innovation at an exponentially faster rate than quartz. SiTime's leadership and innovation is revolutionizing the timing industry.

Robust and Reliable MEMS Technology

SiTime's MEMS technology has roots in Bosch and Stanford University. Before our founders started SiTime, they spent years developing lifesaving MEMS solutions at Bosch in Germany and Palo Alto, California. After incorporation in 2005, SiTime's MEMS team has developed several generations of cutting-edge kHz and MHz MEMS resonators that have the highest performance, lowest drift, smallest size and best reliability in the industry. In doing so, we've also developed a comprehensive development and simulation platform that ensures first silicon success for all our MEMS resonators. SiTime's MEMS resonators are not only shipped in every product that we sell, other semiconductor companies have integrated SiTime's MEMS resonators inside their SOC to offer unique, high-volume solutions that don't require external clocks.

Innovative, High Performance Analog Circuit Design

SiTime has a world-class analog engineering team that has delivered the highest performance and most flexible oscillators in the industry. Since our first product introduction in 2006, we've enhanced performance over 100 times (as measured by Figure of Merit of frequency stability, phase noise and power) while continuing to maintain our product's flexibility and reliability. SiTime's recent Encore architecture is one such example - products based on this architecture offer the best performance and the most features of any oscillator in the market.

Cost Effective Assembly, Test and Integration

In addition to MEMS and analog circuit expertise, SiTime also has the ability to deliver large volumes with excellent quality and reliability. This ability comes from our assembly, test, and calibration expertise, allowing us to offer a fully integrated solution that is completely pin compatible with industry standard footprints. This pin-compatibility allows customers to adopt MEMS timing solutions quickly and with minimal risk.

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