SiTime, Silicon MEMS Oscillators and Clock Generators

MEMS-based Silicon Oscillators

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All of SiTime's programmable, MEMS-based Silicon Oscillators are manufactured completely in Silicon, with no quartz crystals. Our timing devices combine a MEMS resonator die with a programmable analog oscillator die and encapsulate both within a cost-effective, standard plastic package. Learn more about SiTime's MEMS oscillator architecture.

Manufacturing all silicon oscillators has many benefits compared to legacy quartz crystal oscillators, including short leadtimes, lower cost and much greater reliability.

Unlike most crystal oscillator companies, SiTime has significant analog semiconductor expertise; we design our own MEMS and analog circuits allowing us to offer products with the most comprehensive feature set and highest performance. Learn more about the MEMS timing advantage:

  • More programmable features for unmatched flexibility  more >
  • Exceptional frequency stability  more >
  • Ultra low phase noise and jitter more >
  • Superior reliability, robustness and resilience  more >
  • Standard low-cost packaging for easy drop-in replacement of quartz products  more >