SiTime, Silicon MEMS Oscillators and Clock Generators

SiTime Offers the Lowest Cost of Ownership

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From initial purchase price to long-term savings, SiTime silicon MEMS timing solutions offer the lowest cost of ownership. Combine the cost savings with SiTime’s higher performance and SiTime products are a great value across the board.


Lowest Price

Silicon is simply less expensive than quartz. While quartz vendors have a complex manufacturing flow, SiTime uses a fabless model and leverages the large semiconductor industry infrastructure, which enables SiTime to offer lower cost products with a better cost trajectory than quartz. As silicon MEMS process technology advances and devices become smaller, costs are lowered. In contrast, smaller quartz devices translate to higher cost. Combine low-cost silicon MEMS with low-cost industry-standard packaging and SiTime can offer a price advantage from the start.

Shortest Lead-time = Lower Costs

SiTime’s all-silicon programmable platform enables very short lead times of three to five weeks. SiTime can offer the best lead times in the industry because the company uses a flexible fabless semiconductor model and leverages a programmable device architecture. Short lead time makes supply chain management and inventory control much easier for customers. Plus it lowers customers' manufacturing and support costs. Learn more about SiTime’s manufacturing flow.

Most Features = Lower Costs

Because SiTime’s programmable devices can be easily configured, customers can quickly get any combination of frequency, voltage and stability (PPM) options. Designers can specify the exact timing device needed to optimize their design and receive customized samples within a few days. Because each base part is available with so many options, qualification and testing costs are lower if there are design changes (e.g., different frequency or voltage required). In addition, SiTime offers unique features, such as spread spectrum or digital control (DCXOs) that quickly fix design problems and help lower component count. This allows customers to differentiate their product with value-added features. Bottom line: faster time to market, lower design and support costs, lower BOM, and higher value. Learn more about SiTime features.

Highest Reliability = Lower Costs

SiTime offers the most reliable and resilient timing devices available. With robust MEMS-based devices, OEMs don’t need to worry about manufacturing with fragile quartz devices or getting product that is dead on arrival. This lowers testing and manufacturing costs for customers. And because SiTime’s products are so reliable, customers experience fewer product returns, further saving costs. In addition to long-term reliability, SiTime products are so resilient they have higher performance (better frequency stability, less jitter and phase noise) in harsh, noisy environments. Longer product life and higher performance brings higher brand value to our customers. Learn more about SiTime products' resilience.

Free Samples

SiTime MEMS oscillators are a lower-cost alternative to quartz. Because they are pin-compatible, they are an easy drop-in replacement. Order a free custom sample now and start saving today.