SiTime, Silicon MEMS Oscillators and Clock Generators

Lowest Cost of Ownership

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SiTime’s all-silicon programmable architecture, fabless manufacturing model, and high-volume standard packages lead to lower production costs, allowing us to offer extremely competitive pricing. The value of SiTime’s products is compounded when the benefits of our MEMS timing solutions are added into the equation – benefits such as short and flexible lead-times, unique features, and higher quality and reliability. When all is considered, our total cost of ownership is much lower than traditional quartz solutions.


Lowest Price

SiTime's all-silicon MEMS solutions enable lower costs through the use of standard CMOS processes and materials in frontend fabrication along with industry standard low-cost plastic packaging, assembly and test in the back end. We leverage a highly scalable supply chain and multiple vendors within the huge semiconductor manufacturing industry which allows flexibility and lower production costs which we can pass along. In contrast to quartz manufacturers that must invest in custom machinery to support their complex manufacturing flow, SiTime uses a fabless semiconductor model and is not burdened by the overhead associated with fabrication. Outsourcing allows us to benefit from the large semiconductor infrastructure that drives continual improvements, miniaturization and cost savings inherent in each new CMOS process generation. As MEMS-based components become smaller, our silicon and packaging costs follow a downward price trajectory. This is opposite of the quartz industry where smaller quartz devices are more difficult to produce and translate to higher costs.

Shortest Lead-time = Lower Costs

Beyond low unit price, SiTime’s all-silicon programmable platform and manufacturing model enables the best lead times in the industry. Our short lead-times of three to five weeks for production volume translate to lower costs for our customers. If customers experience an upside in demand, we can easily fulfill orders – even for timing products with customized frequencies and special features. Short and flexible lead-times improve inventory control and make supply chain management much easier, ultimately lowering costs of our customers and allowing them to speed time to revenue. Our customers are no longer constrained by the limits of the quartz industry.

More Features = Lower Costs

SiTime products are based on a programmable platform which allows them to be easily configured in any combination of frequency, voltage and stability (PPM) option within the base part’s operation range. Designers can specify the exact timing part needed to optimize their design and receive customized samples within one to two days, or they can create instant samples in their own lab using an oscillator programmer and field programmable parts. Because each base part is available with so many options, qualification and testing costs are lower if design changes are needed (e.g., a different frequency or voltage is required). In addition, SiTime offers unique features such programmable drive strength, spread spectrum or digitally controlled oscillators (DCXOs) that quickly fix design problems and help lower component count. This allows customers to increase productivity and differentiate their product with value-added features. Bottom line, customers can realize faster time to market, lower their design and support costs, lower their BOM, and increase value. Learn more about SiTime features.

Highest Quality and Reliability = Lower Costs

SiTime offers the most reliable and highest quality timing devices available. We employ 6-sigma philosophy and industry standard process controls that lead to high yield and lower costs that we can pass along. This also ensures higher quality that has been proven with our record of zero MEMS field failures, and enables us to offer a lifetime warranty on all production products. With our robust MEMS-based devices, OEMs no longer need to worry about manufacturing with fragile quartz or getting devices that are dead on arrival. This lowers testing and manufacturing costs for customers. Our customers experience fewer returns of their products, further lowering their costs. In addition to higher quality, SiTime products are more resilient and reliable in harsh environments enabling better performance (better frequency stability, no activity dips, less jitter and phase noise). Higher quality, reliability and performance lower costs, plus increase brand value of our customers’ products. Learn more about SiTime product resilience and quality.

Free Samples

SiTime MEMS oscillators are pin-compatible to quartz products, making them an easy drop-in replacement. Request samples.