SiTime, Silicon MEMS Oscillators and Clock Generators

SiTime Offers the Broadest Timing Portfolio

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No other manufacturer offers more timing products than SiTime. Our product portfolio contains over 50 programmable core products and over 200,000 part numbers. We have an almost endless combination of frequencies, voltages and stability (ppm) options in a range of industry-standard packages. Our wide range of timing components, specifications and features allows customers to order devices configured to meet their exact design needs. This breadth allows customers to eliminate multiple suppliers and reduce qualification efforts.

See our Part Number Generator for products and options.


  SiTime Epson NDK TXC KDS KED River Rakon Pericom
32 kHz Oscillators    
32 kHz TCXO              
kHz Oscillator
Single-ended MHz XO
Differential XO
Low Power Oscillators    
High Frequency Oscillators    
High Temperature Oscillators      
Automotive Oscillators (AEC-Q100)          
SSXO (Spread Spectrum)          
DCXO (Digitally Controlled)                
SCXO (Serially Configured)                
One-output Clock Generators                
Resonators for
SOC Integration