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SiT3809: High Frequency, High Performance, Programmable MEMS VCXO (80 to 220 MHz)

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The SiT3809 is a highly flexible high frequency MEMS Voltage Controlled Oscillator (VCXO) with LVCMOS output. This device supports any combination of frequencies (80.000001 to 220 MHz), voltage (1.8V, 2.5V to 3.3V), pull range (±25 PPM to ±1600 PPM) and package (2520, 3225, 5032, 7050). It provides superior pull range linearity and tuning slope consistency (Kv), 10 times better than quartz VCXOs, which results in a simpler PLL and clock synchronization design. The SiT3809 is 100% compatible with legacy quartz devices in footprint and control voltage and therefore replaces crystal VCXO oscillators without any design changes.



Frequency Range (MHz) 80.000001 to 220
Frequency Stability (PPM) ±10, ±25, ±50
Nominal Pull Range (PPM) ±25, ±50, ±100, ±150, ±200
±400, ±800, ±1600
Pull Range Linearity
< 1%
Control Voltage (V) 0 to VDD
Temp Range (°C) -20 to +70, -40 to +85
Supply Voltage (V) 1.8, 2.5 to 3.3
Package LxWxH (mm) 2.5x2.0x0.75 (4-pin), 3.2x2.5x0.75 (4-pin), 5.0x3.2x0.75 (6-pin), 7.0x5.0x0.9 (6-pin)
Status Production
  • Telecom equipment
  • Wireless basestations
  • Networking and communication gears
  • Networked video systems and digitizers
  • Jitter cleaner
  • Networked audio systems
  • Instrumentation
  • Low bandwidth analog phase locked loops (PLL)
  • FGPA data recovery

Features Benefits
  • Extensive programmability
    • Frequency from 80 MHz to 220 MHz
    • Supply voltage of 1.8V, 2.5V to 3.3V
    • Frequency stability from ±10 PPM to ±50 PPM
    • Pull range from ±25 PPM to ±1600 PPM
  • Customized specification for optimal system performance
  • Readily available products in any specification within the operating range
  • <1% pull range linearity
  • Simpler loop control in software controlled system PLL
  • More consistent PLL bandwidth over operating range
  • Faster calibration and lock time
  • Reduction of modulation harmonics
  • Superior tuning slope consistency
  • Tighter PLL bandwidth and simpler system desgin
  • Four industry standard packages
  • 100% drop in replacement for quartz VCXO without any design changes
  • 3-5 week lead time
    • Any frequency
    • Any voltage
    • Any pull range
    • Any package
  • Reduce inventory overhead
  • Mitigate shortage risks


1. Contact SiTime for different drive strength options for driving higher loads or reducing EMI.

APR Table

Ordering Codes for Supported Tape & Reel Packing Method


Note: “–” indicates “not available.”


1.8V LVCMOS IBIS iconSiT3809_1v8v
2.5V LVCMOS IBIS iconSiT3809_2v5v
2.8V LVCMOS IBIS iconSiT3809_2v8v
3.3V LVCMOS IBIS iconSiT3809_3v3v