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Programmable Spread Spectrum Oscillators

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SiTime’s programmable spread-spectrum oscillators are an excellent solution for EMI problems. They are 100% drop-in replacements for quartz oscillators and ensure that customers can pass environment tests without any board changes or the use of expensive components.

Key features are:

  • Available in differential (SiT9002), low power (SiT9003) and high performance (SiT9001) versions for a wide variety of applications
  • Various configurable down spread and center spread options available on each device
  • Lowest cycle-cycle jitter in the industry
  • Industry standard footprints for easy replacement: 2520, 3225, 5032 and 7050 packages for LVCMOS and 5032 and 7050 for differential
  • Available as field programmable


Application Note
icon SiTime Spread Spectrum Clock Oscillators



(1 - 220MHz)

Low Power

(1 - 110MHz)

High Performance

(1 - 200MHz)