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SiT2025B: AEC-Q100, High Frequency Clock Generator with -55°C to 125°C Temp Range

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The SiT2025B is the industry's first AEC-Q100 compliant, high frequency clock generator with on-chip MEMS resonator, therefore eliminating any need for external crystals and other clock sources.  This device delivers the perfect of high frequency range (up to 137 MHz), excellent stability (±50 PPM) and extreme temperature range (-55 to 125°C).  It also features the industry's best 01 ppb/g vibration sensitivity, 50kg shock and 70g vibration resistance.

The SiT2025 comes in the small SOT23-5 package that offers best board level solder joint reliability.


AEC-Q100 Compliance Yes, Grade-1 (up to 125 °C) and extended temp range (as low as -55°C)
Freq. Range (MHz) -40°C to ±85°C
115.200000 to 137.000000

-40°C to ±105°C or -40°C to ±125°C
115.194001 to 117.810999
122.705001 to 123.021999
118.038001 to 118.593999
123.348001 to 137.000000
118.743001 to 122.141999

-55°C to +125°C
119.342001 to 120.238999
121.243001 to 121.600999
120.262001 to 121.169999
123.948001 to 137.000000
Freq. Stability (PPM) ±25, ±30, ±50
Temp Range (°C) -40 to +85, -40 to +105, -40 to +125, -55 to +125
Vibration Sensitivity 0.1 ppb/g (G-sensitivity)
Configurable Rise/Fall Time 0.25 to 1.5  ns (output load and voltage dependent)
Supply Voltage (V) 1.8, 2.5 to 3.3
Package LxWxH (mm) SOT23-5 (2.9 x 2.8 x 1.2)
Status Production. Contact SiTime for AEC-Q100 status
  • Backup cameras
  • Collision avoidance systems
  • Engine control
  • Automotive black boxes
  • Automotive ethernet
  • High-rel systems

Features Benefits
  • Unique combination of:
    • Up to 137 MHz
    • +/-25 PPM
    • -55 to 125°C
  • Best-in-class stability over extreme temperature range ideal for automotive and other high-rel applications
  • 0.1 ppb/g low G-sensitivity
  • No degradation of performance in harsh environment
  • 70 g shock and 50 kg vibration
  • Indestructable
    Configurable rise/fall time
  • Optimize EMI to reduce interference to any subsystems
  • SOT23-5 package
  • Best board level solder joint reliability
  • Easy, low cost optical only board level inspection of solder joints
  • Ultra fast lead time (2 to 4 weeks)
  • Reduce inventory overhead
  • Mitigate shortage risks


Please contact your local SiTime sales representative or email salessupport@sitime.com.


Subject to change without notice


Notes:13. The voltage portion of the SiT2025 part number consists of two characters that denote the specific supply voltage of the device. The SiT2025 supports either 1.8V ±10% or any voltage between 2.25V and 3.62V. In the 1.8V mode, one can simply insert 18 in the part number. In the 2.5V to 3.3V mode, two digits such as 18, 25 or 33 can be used in the part number to reflect the desired voltage. Alternatively, “XX” can be used to indicate the entire operating voltage range from 2.25V to 3.63V.

Supported Frequencies

2025b-supporting1 2025b-supporting2 2025b-supporting3

14. Any frequency within the min and max values in the above table are supported with 6 decimal places of accuracy.
15. Please contact SiTime for frequencies that are not listed in the tables above.


1.8V LVCMOS IBIS icon SiT2025 1p8v
2.5V LVCMOS IBIS icon SiT2025 2p5v
2.8V LVCMOS IBIS icon SiT2025 2p8v
3.0V LVCMOS IBIS icon SiT2025 3p0v
3.3V LVCMOS IBIS icon SiT2025 3p3v
2.25V - 3.63V LVCMOS IBIS icon SiT2025 xx