SiTime, Silicon MEMS Oscillators and Clock Generators

SiTime Enters $350M Voltage Controlled Oscillator (VCXO) Market with Industry’s First MEMS-Based Device

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SiT3701 Offers Best Pull Range Linearity, Small Size and Flexibility Through Programmability

SUNNYVALE, Calif.March 31, 2009 – SiTime Corporation, the leader in MEMS-based silicon timing solutions, today announced its entry into the $350M Voltage Controlled Oscillator (VCXO) market with the introduction of SiT3701, the world’s smallest programmable voltage controlled MEMS oscillator (VCMO) with the best pull-range linearity. As with all SiTime products, the SiT3701 comes with an array of programmable features such as frequency, voltage, tolerance and pull range, enabling delivery of customized samples in 24 hours and production quantities in 2 weeks.

“SiTime continues to drive innovation in the $5 Billion timing market with our high performance MEMS and programmable analog technologies,” said Rajesh Vashist, SiTime’s CEO. “This VCMO offering also expands our product portfolio of programmable oscillators, clock generators and embedded resonators, enabling SiTime to become a complete timing solutions provider.”

The SiT3701 features industry-leading 0.5% pull range linearity, which is an order of magnitude better than quartz based VCXOs, and translates into simpler design, higher performance and improved stability and reliability. It comes in four standard package sizes with the smallest being 2.5 x 2.0 mm, making it ideal for space-constrained applications.  The device can be programmed for

  • Frequencies between 1 and 110 MHz
  • Pull ranges of ±30 PPM, ±60 PPM, ±120 PPM or ±240 PPM
  • Operating voltages of 1.8V, 2.5V, 2.8V or 3.3V
  • Frequency tolerance of ±25 PPM, ±30 PPM, ±50 PPM and ±100 PPM

The SiT3701 VCMO product introduction is the latest in a string of recent, significant product announcements from SiTime. In February, SiTime announced availability of the SiT9003, the world’s lowest power spectrum oscillator that enables system designers to reduce electromagnetic interface (EMI).  Prior to that, in January, SiTime introduced the industry’s lowest power, fastest startup oscillators (SiT8003, SiT8033, SiT8003XT) that are optimized to extend battery life in portable applications. In December 2008, SiTime announced its entry into the $1.6 Billion programmable clock generator market with the SiT9103 and SiT9104, and simultaneously introduced a new family of ultra-stable, ±10 PPM oscillators, the SiT9102 and SiT8102. All of these programmable MEMS-based silicon timing solutions offer 10 times better robustness and reliability than existing, quartz-based solutions.

The SiT3701 is currently sampling and will be available in production quantities during the second quarter of 2009. Pricing is available upon request.

About SiTime
SiTime Corporation develops MEMS-based silicon timing solutions. SiTime addresses the $5B timing market with leadership products that are the smallest, thinnest, most robust, reliable, configurable, and offer the shortest lead times.  The company’s solutions are the heartbeat of cutting-edge electronic products, such as fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) equipment, computing devices, graphics cards, disk drives, mobile phones and high capacity SIM cards. Headquartered in Sunnyvale, Calif., SiTime is privately owned and backed by leading venture capital firms. For more information, please visit www.sitime.com.