SiTime, Silicon MEMS Oscillators and Clock Generators


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SiTime solved my board problems. I can't believe that you delivered custom-frequency samples in 1 hour. I was able to qualify this board and put it in production within 2 weeks. Thanks for saving my reputation.
- Major Networking company in Bay area

I'm pleasantly surprised by the performance levels of SiTime's Encore platform.
- Component Engineer at major Telecom supplier

It's just a matter of time before you replace quartz.
- Component engineer at major European electronics company

Your lead times are much better than quartz.
- Purchasing manager in Asia

We're very happy with your product and delivery performance over the past year. We plan to put your products in every new design that we do.
- Top 5 Computer OEM

Your Applications support was outstanding. SiTime is already my "go-to" company for timing components.
- Senior engineer at Top 5 Computer OEM

We're very pleased with SiTime's products, pricing and delivery.
- Purchasing GM, Top 5 Consumer electronics company

We are using SiTime products in every design that uses oscillators.
- Engineering Director, High-end storage company

SiTime's MEMS technology is poised to wipe out quartz crystals.
- Major North American OEM

SiTime's MEMS timing products are the preferred choice on all new designs.
- Engineering Manager at Fortune 50 company

SiTime's MEMS technology exceeded all our expectations. Our frequency stability is three times better with SiTime's MEMS than with quartz.
- Director at top semiconductor company

Very cool resonator technology.
- CTO of Top 25 semiconductor firm