SiTime, Silicon MEMS Oscillators and Clock Generators

A History of Innovation

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SiTime has a distinguished history of achieving industry firsts through a novel all-silicon platform. Our rapid pace of technology breakthroughs has been accomplished by leveraging the advantages of silicon technology combined with decades of MEMS resonator experience and in-house analog expertise.


Inherent Performance Advantages of Silicon

Following Moore’s law, SiTime’s silicon MEMS timing products enjoy the performance trajectory of the semiconductor industry. Because silicon processes and design techniques improve at a fast pace, the performance of silicon MEMS timing devices continue to quickly improve and overtake the performance of quartz-based timing devices. Silicon fabrication techniques produce devices with sub-micron features and nanometer precision. MEMS resonators, manufactured in silicon fabs, improve as they are made with finer geometries. In contrast, as quartz crystals are made smaller they perform worse, with restricted frequency ranges, lower Q, more stress sensitivity, worse phase noise and activity dips. Moreover, as quartz resonators are cut smaller they become more difficult to design and manufacture, have lower yields and become more expensive.

Features and Flexibility of Silicon MEMS

SiTime’s MEMS oscillators offer higher performance across a wider spectrum of parameters compared to quartz oscillators. Because quartz devices are optimized for specific parameters, they can not offer the combined performance and features available from MEMS-based solutions.

By combining the inherent advantages of silicon with SiTime's expertixe, we are developing the most innovative timing products with more features, higher performance and unmatched benefits.

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